For more than three decades working in the manufacturing of replacement parts and accessories for the heavy automotive industry, Edreaza is proud to offer its customers a high standard of quality and friendly, personalized service, thanks to a team of highly qualified and committed professionals.

Located in São Marcos, Rio Grande do Sul, the region of the state that is strongly focused on the metal mechanic sector, the company covers the entire national territory as well as the international market, with an in company sales team and representatives.

Always attentive to the needs of its customers, Edreaza currently produces more than 700 replacement items for the following lines of trucks: Scania 112 / 113 (Series 2 / Series 3), Scania Series 4 / Series 5, Scania NTG, Volvo, Ford Cargo, Mercedes-Benz and DAF.

In regard to the mission of the company and understanding the urgency of the market, practically all the parts are offered in stock and ready for delivery. This demonstrates the care taken to maintain clients and build loyalty with customers, as they are primarily responsible for the organization's growth.

In regards to sustainability, Edreaza properly disposes of all waste, liquids and solids produced by the production process. The same applies to contaminated safety equipment and all other materials improper for use. All this is done for the preservation of the environment, so that the future of the next generations is not compromised.


Provide solutions in parts and accessories for motor vehicles, with high quality and a short delivery time, aimed at the satisfaction of the customer and to create loyalty with them.


To be recognized worldwide for the quality of products and promptly meet the needs of customers, seeking continuous growth and the conquest of new markets.


Customer satisfaction;
Quality in everything we do;
Ethics and honesty in negotiations;
Preserving the environment;
Profit as a means of perpetuation.


Although Edreaza was founded in 1990, its story begins in the mid 70s, with the commitment of Mr. Herce Zanette. Over the years the company’s focus shifted, the company started manufacturing parts, and stopped working with the provision of services. Counting on modern facilities and cutting-edge machinery, the company consolidated itself as a reference in the heavy vehicle replacement parts and accessories market.


Herce Zanette founded a business venture with determination in São Marcos - RS. The company was then called Herce Zanette - ME, and had a constructed area of 280m², located on a piece of land owned by the founder, situated at 157 João Cecatto Street. The small business provided services to farmers, furniture industries and companies focused on road equipment. Among the services offered were: the repair of tractors and machines in general and the renovation of parts for trucks.

The brothers Alexandre and Eugenio L. Zanette joined the founder (their father), who until then had worked without the help of any employees, and they began to perform activities in the company. At the time, for the provision of services, they had two conventional lathes, a welding machine and a shaping machine.

A crucial period to the company's history. The restructuring started in 1990 making changes to the field of activities, from the provision of services to the manufacturing of parts and accessories for motor vehicles. With the retirement of the founder, his children took on the leadership of the business, now called Mecânica Comercial e Industrial Edreaza Ltda. The first items produced were components for the Scania 112 / 113 trucks. This new market segment coupled with the growing demand required investments in machinery and hiring employees.

After the new direction given to the business, the company focused on expanding its product mix by increasing the range of parts for the Scania 112 / 113 and entering the market for the Scania 4 Series and Volvo trucks. At this time the company had a constructed area of 1,025m². Besides the increase in physical space, investments were made in the modernization of the new product development sector. With regard to advertising, the company's first website was created, and participation in trade shows became more frequent.

Recently, two more expansions have tripled the company's constructed area, now totaling 3,210m². The production sector was reorganized and received new machines. The changing of the business management system that was used allowed for the control of all the parts of the organization. In order to emphasize the main activity of the company, the corporate name was changed to Edreaza Indústria de Autopeças Ltda. Furthermore, the company continues in its search for, and development of new products. The range of parts currently available includes the Scania 112 / 113 (Series 2 / Series 3), Scania Series 4 / Series 5, Volvo and Ford Cargo trucks. The national territory is entirely covered and the foreign market presents itself as an excellent business expansion opportunity.